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Our mission is to ensure that all Denver residents have access to the Internet so that they can participate and thrive in the 21st century.

The Internet has grown from its humble beginnings as a neat toy to the backbone of society. We don’t just use the Internet to stay in touch or read the news, we use it for banking, job hunting, taking classes, watching movies, healthcare, and more.

There’s no denying that the Internet is important. Yet we leave its future in the hands of companies that act as near monopolies with no accountability. This leaves us paying too much for too little. Communities without Internet have little chance of thriving in this new century. We cannot let the Internet providers decide Denver’s fate. Let’s take back our voice, our choice, and our Internet!

Why this matters for Denver

Ensuring success of Denverites

Success in the digital economy requires easy, affordable access to the Internet. We need to bring all Denverites into the digital age and make sure that, regardless of where you live or how much you make, you can get online and participate this new era.

Preparing for our future

Increased Internet access leads to economic growth, improved health, and accelerates universal education. We need to make sure that we, as a City, are making the correct investments in our future. Our current infrastructure and public policies are not able to handle the future of self driving cars, virtual reality, and smart homes that we are quickly headed towards.

Restoring our voice

Right now, under the restrictions of Senate Bill 152, we have no say in what is done with our Internet. The City of Denver is not able to invest time or money in providing Internet, building infrastructure to lease, or creating policies to ensure quality standards. We cannot sit by and let big corporations make important decisions about our community for us.

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