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Who We Are

The Denver Internet Initiative is working to restore our voice and our choice when it comes to the Internet in Denver county. In 2005, Colorado passed Senate Bill 152, which prevents municipalities from creating their own Internet infrastructure. Communities with outdated Internet services are going to find themselves being left behind as the gap between the connected and unconnected grows.

The Internet is more than just videos and Facebook - it touches all aspects of daily modern life. It is education, banking, work, communication, health care and so much more.

Our goal is to repeal SB 152 so that we, the people of Denver, can play an active role in deciding what the Internet will look like for us, instead of leaving it up to Big Telecomms who are focused soley on financial returns.

We’re a group of Denver residents trying to make it happen and we need your help! Join the conversation on Facebook and help us get the word out.